10 Astonishing Breathtaking Views Of Azad Kashmir

Despite all the bad and ugly news Pakistan is known as the land of beauty. This country is full of natural places and beautiful wonderlands because of this everyone desires to come here once in the life. The northern areas of Pakistan have the most beautiful places to visit, especially the Kashmir region. Once you have decided to visit Pakistan, don’t forget to admire the Astonishing Breathtaking Views Of Azad Kashmir, the real beauty of Pakistan.

Azad Kashmir is the place where beauty of nature sums up. The amazing and breathtaking views of Azad Kashmir are full of natural scenes that you can’t forget. This place is known as the heaven on earth, where you can see the rich and attractive places like, Pir Chinasi, Toli Pir, Neelum Valley, Gurase Valley and many more, you can’t get tired of.

The hearty feeling of walking among the trees is what you want, but it will never be enough. For those who have never been there, after reading this article and seeing the pictures of the breathtaking views of Azad Kashmir are enough to make their mind. Have a look at the stunning beauty of Azad Kashmir.

1. The peaceful moments in the Neelum Valley alongside the banks of river

breathtaking views of azad kashmir

2. The captivating Gurase Valley with the views of different plateaus

gurase valley azad kashmir

3. The fascinating and charming greenery in the Leepa Valley of Azad Kashmir is worth watching

beautiful view of leepa valley

4. Chitta Katha Lake will give you the view of crystal clear water and beautiful peaks of snowy mountains

chitta katha lake

5. To mesmerize the eyes, Gattian Lake with the fresh flowers alongside is what everyone wants.

breathtaking gattian lake

6. The vibrant and colorful Arang Kel valley with snow capped peaks describes the true beauty of Azad Kashmir

arang kel valley azad kashmir

7. The hilltop area at the Toli Pir will give you the pleasant weather

hilltop area at the toli pir

8. Pir Chinasi is enough to see the fascinating views of clouds

pir chinasi azad kashmir

9. The green and beautiful oldest forests in Azad Kashmir

oldest forests in azad kashmir

10. The Ramkot Fort shows the rich and cultural heritage of Azad Kashmir, one must admire

ramkot fort

The infinite beauty of Azad Kashmir is seriously very breathtaking, you can’t forget ever.

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