10 So Called Jhoot Every Bacha Have Told To Their Parents

‘’jhoot bolo gy tou naak lambi hojayegi’’ we grew up listening to this scary story as kids. But ultimately kids do find it out that their nose isn’t sprouting like Pinocchio’s, so its ok to keep doing it.

From tiny white lie about who broke the glass to ‘there is a holiday in school’, parents little angels from heaven have told them all. These are some common lies every child has told.

Lie: We didn’t get our report cards yet

result card parents

Truth: it’s been Laying there for weeks inside some dark corner of their school bags, they just delay the inevitable storm.

Lie: the friend’s parent is driving us       

   maxresdefault (1)

Truth: it’s a joyride alone!

It’s always the other friends’ parents who are driving them to places.

Lie: we are stuck in the traffic

lie i am on way

Truth: I just left my friend’s house.

Hanging out with buds make you lose track of time. So blame it on traffic.

Lie: there is no homework today

Playstation kids

Truth: I wanna spend time playing play station and football.

So much to distract! Video games or outdoor games, friends and internet and what not! The most common lie: ‘‘aj homework nahi mila’’- today I get to do it all without a curfew.

Lie: I have Stomach ache, I can’t go to school today


Truth: I am too sleepy or simply in the mood for school today.

Stomach ache is the easiest for getting you out of a school day; don’t have a thermometer to check it.

Lie: the other kids are allowed to do that



Truth: I want to be the only one at school and be the coolest.

Whether it’s about owning a shiny new toy (read iphone) or dressing up like punk rocker, when your parents say no this is the last resort.

Lie: I am working on an assignment


Truth: I am surfing the internet.

Lie: the whole class failed this subject

whole class fail lie


Truth: I am hoping you will never know.

And I am cursing the brainy kids with all my heart.

Lie: I need the money for photocopies/notes


Truth: another hangout I can’t pay from my allowance.

Lie: I didn’t get a message from you/ I didn’t see your call

did not see your call

I chose to ignore it so I can stay at the party longer


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