10 Interesting Turkey Facts That Will Amaze You

If you ever meet any tourist from Turkey you will definitely amaze to hear about beautiful and interesting stuffs of Turkey like foods, parks, baths, historical sites, rugs and sunshine. Turkey is a rich nation with friendly population, hardworking people and a heritage. Here are amazing 10 Turkey Facts you must know so that you can think to go and enjoy your life there with more meaningful and interesting tour. To help you plan your trip, must see these facts and enjoy your time.

Here are 10 facts of Turkey you possibly never knew!

1. The official name of Turkey is not which you know, its Republic of Turkey and been called since 1923.


2. Turkey has one of the largest malls.


3. Turkey is the biggest exporter of hazelnuts compared to other countries in the world.


4. The total number of mosques in Turkey is 82,693 and most are present in the country’s largest city Istanbul, which are actually known as most beautiful mosques.


5. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is very famous for shopping as it is having 64 streets, around 4000 shops and approximately 25000 workers working there.


6. Turkey is full of architects and cultural heritage.


7. The beautiful flower Tulip was introduced by Turkish traders in the 16th century, which is one of the powerful Turkey Facts.


8. Fez in Turkey was banned in 1925 and almost no one now wears it.


9. Rahat Lokum known as the Turkish delight is one of the oldest sweets having a history of 500 years and great people like Napoleon used to eat it daily.


10. The longest word in Turkish language is “Cekoslovakyalilastiramadiklarimizdanmissiniz”


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