10 Irritating Things Women Do That Make Men Crazy

Let’s admit it, being in a relationship is not so easy, you have to face ups and downs. Firstly, we should accept that men love their women. Men love to spend each and every minute with their women, they love their smile, their warm attitude and the sweet things that women do. Apart from these, there are some irritating things women do that make men crazy.

Every man smiles when their women are happy and try their best to comfort them. There are some little, but irritating things women do that make men crazy, that is why you have to be careful what are you doing, even the simplest thing can annoy the men. In other words, you can say that men tolerate women in many cases. We have collected the most common and irritating things women do, but guys can’t understand. Read on!

1. The ultimate thing that drives all the men crazy in this universe is women take too much time to get ready. In short, they colonize dressing table and bathroom.

irritating things women do that make men crazy

2. One minute, you can see the women happy and the other minute they will show you their sad face. The reason is their mood swings.

women mood swings

3. They always make the men wait. Their 5 minutes mean 1 hour. This is so irritating.

men waiting for women

4. One of the most irritating things women do that make men crazy, is the hair of women. You can see their hair on the floor, in the bath, on the bed, in the brush too.

women hair problems

5. They want you to be their photographer. After too many pics, they will like only one.

women irritating habits

6. Pink, Purple, Red… The colors they want in their room. Even they love to have flowery stuff everywhere. Fragrance too!

irritating things by women

7. They have a long list of complaints, which you can’t afford to listen.

women list of complaints

8. You know they are virtual stalker. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything else. They know the single step of men. In short, they have trust issues.

women love to stalk

9. Do you know women speak more than men? It has been scientifically proven that women speak about 20,000 words a day, and some speak 13,000 more than the average men. So women are more chatty.

talkative women

10. They organize all the stuff so carefully, so that men can’t find anything. The problem in every relationship!

womne are so organized

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