10 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

Who does not take short cuts in life? Life is hard and we all needs some hacks to make it a little  easy. Here are a few life hacks to make your routine problems easy.

Lost tiny objects

We all lose tiny objects while using them such as nuts and bolts or earrings and waste a lot of time finding them and end up being frustrated but now that is not a problem. Put a stocking over the end of the vacuum and find the objects with it on the floor.

lost tiny objects

The Key confusion

We all get angry while looking for key for a specific lock, specially when all the keys looks like the same. When we try every key and its mostly the one we try at the end. Paint the ends of the keys with with different colors to differentiate.

keys to open

Remedy for zits

No need to apply expensive gels and medicines on zits.Use toothpaste on zits and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning. It dries the skin.

tip for zits

strawberry stem removal

I love strawberrys but i hate removing the stem and i hate it how cutting of the top ruins it shape. But now i can remove the stem easily. All you need is a straw. Pass the straw through the middle of the strawberry from the bottom. and voila.

strawberry stem removal

Solution for over-boiling

We often forget that we have put water on the stove for boiling but i have often seen my mother, she puts a wooden spoon over the pot when she boils pasta or water or when she is making stew. This is too keep the water from boiling over.

over boiling solutionPrevent apples  from turning brown

Its annoying when a freshly cut apple turn brown after a few minutes. Apples turn brown due to an enzyme in it that reacts with oxygen.  Use lemon juice to prevent the browning.

Prevent apples

Cutting soft solids

Most of the times we mess up the cake while cutting it and are unable serve it to anybody. Use dental floss instead of knife to cut soft solids without messing them up.

Cutting soft solids

Chewy crust

Who does not love leftover pizza but not the one with the chewy crust. Heat the leftover pizza with a small amount of water in a glass to keep the crust from getting chewy.

Chewy crust

Separating seeds from pop-corns

After popping the  microwave pop corns, open the lid of the bag just enough for the unopposed kernels to fall out of the bag.

Separating seeds from pop corns

Book Holder

You don’t have to buy a book holder. You can use pant hanger as a book holder and use it to look for recipes while cooking or while working.

easy book holder


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