10 Places in Pakistan You Need To Visit Before You Die

Despite all the bad and ugly news Pakistan is known as the land of beauty. This country is full of natural places and beautiful wonderlands because of this  everyone desires to go there once in the life. The northern areas of Pakistan have the most beautiful places to visit especially the Kashmir region.

This side of the country is popular for lovely mountains which are covered with snow, beautiful rivers and lakes. The “Swat Valley”and the “Neelum valley” are the most attractive places to visit. You cannot find the replica of these places ever in the entire world.

Everyone wants to travel the best places of  the world but “Pakistan heaven on earth” is the best place to start. Here are the 10 most beautiful places of Pakistan so decide where to start.

1.Baltoro Glacier

On the 1st number  there is Baltoro Glacier which is the most beautiful place to visit. Its length is 63km and known as the longest glacier in the outer side of the polar regions of Pakistan. This glacier is located in Baltistan and runs through the mountain range of Karakoram. It’s the most lovely place which is hatched with the snow and water resembles like a glass.

Baltoro Glacier


Concordia is in the heart of Karakoram range which is located in the region of Baltistan in Pakistan. No one can deny the beauty of Concordia. By visiting this place the perception of beautiful places must be changed.

Concordia3.Trango Towers

The beautiful gardens, lakes, or snow peaks are not enough to describe the loveliness of the place, because Trango towers consist of rock towers which describes the marvelous location meaning. These towers are the large cliffs and offer most puzzling rock climbing. Every year people used  to visit this place from all over  the world to climb this granite.

Trango Towers

4.Fairy Meadows

This place is on 4th number and you must visit this place before you die because of its charming weather and the eye catching view. There is not electricity or other facilities here but still you can forget all your worries after visiting here.

Fairy Meadows5.Satpara Lake

Satpara lake is one of the most beautiful lakes which consist of fine crystal clear water and awesome gardens near it. It is a natural lake near Skardu Pakistan and also supplies water to the valleys near it.

Satpara Lake6.Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is known as the most attractive valley of Pakistan  because of its lush greenery, beautiful streams and sloppy mountains. Tourists find this place too catchy and want to go visit again and again.

 Neelum Valley7.Swat Valley

Swat valley is a governmental valley in the KPK Province of Pakistan. Its another name is the mini Switzerland of Pakistan because of its beauty and marvelous sites. It has many attractive places to visit like Malam Jabba, Madyan, Kalam vallies, Bonir etc.

Swat Valley8.Snow Lake

At number 8th  its Snow Lake of Pakistan. The height of this lake is about 16,000 feet above the sea. People find it a perfect spot for adventure and peacefull. It seems like a God treasure because of its natural beauty. If you are a keen tourist  you cannot allow anyone to miss this place.

Snow Lake9.Naran Kaghan

Pakistan has many breathtaking places and Naran Kaghan are one of them.This is the most visited place in past years  . Their beauty itself is the admirer for the tourists who come there. If you can’t afford to visit foreign countries then you have the best option to visit these beautiful places in Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan10.Lake Saif UL Malook

Not a single person can deny the beauty and glamour of this lake. It is covered by snow located in the northern side of Pakistan. It is the incredible place to visit on vacations with friends and families.

Lake Saif UL Malook

So check all the places in the list and vote out for your favorite one.

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