10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Have A Punjabi Friend

Punjabis are always very loud, adventurous, funny, laughing and so loving. You will know it once you have a Punjabi friend in your life. These are people you want with you for the entire life because they are really very cheerful. Punjabi’s are always positive and give you some optimistic goals. They make friends easily and make you smile instantly with their pure nature.

You will understand this all, if you have at least one Punjabi friend, if not, then must read this article and go and find the one. So let’s check out the reasons why it’s awesome to have a Punjabi friend. They are really such gems in one’s life. Have a look!

1. Punjabi’s are really loud because they always express their emotions clearly. No matter, the next person to them is getting embarrassed.

loud punjabi friend

2. If you have a Punjabi friend, your life will be full of humor. Because they will always make you laugh with their hilarious jokes.

punjabi jokes

3. Their choice of songs is very interesting. You can discover a lot of new singers and their songs you’ve never heard before. All credit goes to your Punjabi friend!

punjabi songs

4. The butter on the parathas? Yes, it means you are with your Punjabi friend.

punjabi food to eat

5. To get some fun in your life, attend any Punjabi wedding with your Punjabi friend. They will be of great fun indeed.

wedding in punjab

6. They are always ready to give you frequent hugs and kisses. Annoying? Not at all! They will be there to refresh your mood whenever you want them.

when you have punjabi friend

7. This friend will be not enough for you, because once you are a friend of Punjabi, their entire family will be your friend. How sweet!

punjabi family your friend

8. Besides all the good stuff, it’s too difficult to handle their anger. Their sharp Punjabi tongue and abuses will make you laugh so hard.

angry punjabi

9. The ultimate food choice will be Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti. Just love, love and love.

sarson ka saag punjabi food

10. Basically, they are quite dramatic.

dramatic punjabi

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