10 Reasons Why “Log Kya Kahenge” Shouldn’t Matter

You must be familiar with the phrase, “Log Kya Kahenge”, if you are a Pakistani and living in a Desi family. Every person has grown up by hearing that phrase and still listening, but why? At every stage of life, if you want to do anything, your family or relatives will keep on saying that don’t this, what people will say… In simple words, you should only pursue what you want. Have you ever tried to know the reasons why “Log Kya Kahenge” shouldn’t matter?

The Desi people only want to interrupt in your personal life and you wish to push all these negative phonies away and follow your dreams… Don’t worry and follow your heart by knowing the reasons why “log kya kahenge” shouldn’t matter. Have a look and live your life!

1. People will always comment on what you do and what you don’t. In short, they ALWAYS interfere.

reasons why log kya kahenge shouldnt matter

2. They always show that they care, but in reality they don’t!

people dont care

3. They don’t pay your bills. They will not ever!

people dont pay your bills

4. They don’t know what you deserve in your life.

what you deserve

5. They talk only because of their personal experiences, but everybody has different experiences and fate.

matter of fate

6. They only interfere in your matter for their own sake. For their personal interest!

personal interest

7. You can’t wake up every morning to please others for the whole day.

you cant please everyone

8. Your life is yours and theirs life is theirs. Problem solved! What you do is none of their business.

none of your business

9. You don’t need their approval in your own life. Spend it the way you want!

dont need your approval

10. At the end, don’t forget that life is too short to care about this phrase “Log Kya Kahenge”.

life is too short

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