10 Signs That Prove You Are A True Sagittarius

Do you know some signs that describe your personality and prove you are a true Sagittarius? Everyone here search for the traits of particular zodiac signs, especially when we meet a new person. Even sometimes we know some characteristics, but we tend to generalize those people with all the belongings to that zodiac sign.

So you were born between November 22 and December 21. Must see these signs that prove you are a true Sagittarius.

1. You are blunt and you don’t wait for the right time to take action about any conflict because you believe in, do it now..

true sagittarius traits

2. You are quite adventurous and you are always ready for trips.

adventurous person

3. You are a true Sagittarius, that means you are kind of jealous soul.

jealousy trait

4. You love to give presents and sometimes it freaks people out when they get so many gifts from you.

give presents

5. You are very creative and love to do everything with fun. So need any exciting idea? Go to your Sagittarius friend!

very creative

6. You are an extremely good listener. That’s make you even more adorable.

good listener friend

7. You love your freedom and always want to live as a free spirit in this world. Do what you want!

got freedom

8. You are very loyal and committed in your work and life. Even you will be the best partner ever.

committed in work and life

9. Be aware everyone! Because Sagittarius is like a lie detector. So don’t lie in front of your Sagittarius friend.

sagittarius sign traits

10. Being a Sagittarius, you are very optimistic and you always turn negatives into positives.

optimistic person


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