10 Signs That You Are Pure Desi Biryani Lover In This World

If you are pure Desi & Pakistani, then chances are very high that you must be a Biryani lover. The original Pakistani spices in the tasty chicken or meat Biryani can draw everyone’s attention no matters how far away you are. Every person loves Biryani and this stuff needs no introduction. At home or at any restaurant, this is the first thing you search out to feel awesome.

You are a Biryani lover so it’s obvious that you give this item a first priority over your boyfriend/girlfriend or any other relation. Because this gives you a passionate love with strong emotions. The emotions you feel while eating the Biryani… The Punjabi Biryani, Mughlaye Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Karachi Biryani and many more. Ahhh! I am drooling by writing this article, so let’s read the list that shows the signs that you are a pure Desi Biryani lover in this world.

1. You want Biryani three times a day. In short you live and breathe Biryani. Yes, the sign of Biryani Lover!

pure desi biryani lover

2. When someone in the office gets a Biryani for you. That ultimate feeling though.

biryani in office

3. It is compulsory to eat Biryani on every Sunday. The hot and spicy chicken Biryani…

biryani on every sunday

4. That moment when you don’t find a single leg piece in the Biryani. It will definitely destroy your mood.

no leg piece in biryani

5. And when someone says, I really don’t like Biryani.

desi biryani lover

6. You love the person who makes the best Biryani.

biryani chef

7. When someone eats your *Hidden* Biryani.

hidden biryani

8. For you, Biryani and Coke is the best combination. It’s a treat in your life!

best combination

9. You can’t even control your craving after smelling that someone is cooking Biryani, somewhere.

tempting biryani

10. In short, Biryani gives you the best feeling in this world and not any cuisine can replace it. Never ever!

spicy biryani lover

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