10 Silly Things That Happen When You Have A Crush On Someone

When you feel butterflies in your stomach in anyone’s presence that means you have a crush on that person. Not only teenagers, adults do get crushes. No matter what your age is, you do really stupid stuff, that makes everyone weird. That intense infatuation for that cute *Someone* makes your feeling stronger day by day and you start doing silly things which make your unusual relationship going. Yes, really…

You know each and every stuff about your crush, but you never spoke even a single word to her/him. Staring at your crush, smile at  your crush, do strange things to get your crush’s attention are some of the silly things you do. And you don’t regret over these. So, we have gathered 10 silly things that happen when you have a crush on someone. If you are the same, then check out the list how many of these points are true… Best of luck 😀

1. No matter your phone beeps or not, you constantly check your phone to see if your crush has texted you.

silly things you do when you have crush on someone

2. You keep on stalking your crush on Facebook & Instagram and you accidentally like an old photo. One of the silly things. Yes, so embarrassing.

stalking your crush

3. You hate when your crush gets cozy with someone you don’t like. Sort of jealousy you feel!


4. You love to imagine yourself with your crush and sometimes you plan your entire future in your head.

imagination with crush

5. You know many things about your crush. The family, residence, favorite show, food, color… In short, everything.

when you know everything about your crush

6. You think you both will be together one day and you love to day dream about him/her.

day dreaming about crush

7. When you dress up to meet your crush. You just want to look perfect!

dress up to meet your crush

8. You play weird games just to check whether your crush likes you or not.

love calculator for your crush

9. You always blush when he/she speaks to you. It’s like the wonderful feeling ever.

love feelings

10. Your friends get irritated because you always talk about your crush. Your every conversation begins and ends with your crush.

talking about crush

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