10 Struggles You Face Of Being A Slightly Overweight Girl

Being a slightly overweight girl, you come across some nicknames or weird comments like teddy bear, healthy, fatty or chubby. People will stare you for your every task because they really bother what you are doing, especially the fact that you are over weight. This thing bothers them more than you are. If you are trying to lose some weight, you have to face many struggles like less food, dieting, less drinks, no sweets, hard workout and yes too much free time to do so.

Whenever you see any slim and skinny girl, many thoughts will go around in your mind and you wish to be like that. Everyone has a special comment on your body and you just can’t do what you want because you are afraid of everything. You need lots of dedication because people will not just stop concerning you and your weight. Here are 10 struggles you face of being a slightly overweight girl. Have a look!

1. When your relatives are meeting you after a long time and they will stare you as hard as possible.

struggles of slightly overweight girl

2. When your relatives ask you, why are you on dieting, you are not fat?

you are not fat

3. The weird comments from people like healthy, fatty and chubby will blow your mind.

weird comments for fat girl

4. That happy moment when you stay on a strict diet for a week.

when you follow diet plan

5. When you eat fast food on your cheat day.

eating pizza on cheat day

6. “Omg You Are On Dieting”, You just hate this comment, especially in the public.

reaction in public

7. When you can’t buy your favorite dress, because it’s not for your big body.

when you cant buy dress

8. You always get jealous whenever you see any slim girl.

overweight girl jealousy

9. You just hate people who are slim, always eat and don’t get fat.

overweight girl problems

10. Your life will revolve around, green tea, lemons, honey and all stuff like that.

when you hate dieting

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