10 Struggles People Who Love To Sleep Understand

Be sure that you are not lazy, you just love sleeping. If you love the sight of your pillow and bed and if you just love to sleep anywhere and anytime, then you are a die hard sleep lover. Are you reading this article by lying on your bed? Or do you wish to sleep right now? Trust me, you must be a champion in sleeping. There are many struggles people who love to sleep understand and these are all real. For sure!

It is possible that your parents hate your this habit and have commented about your absence when they are awake. The reason is you love to sleep! Yeah, this struggle is real. Only few people can understand this. People often think that you have taken some doze or chemicals to sleep and some people think that this is your ultimate goal to sleep, sleep and sleep.

You will be glad to know the struggles people who love to sleep understand, but only if you are a true sleep lover. All sleep is good sleep!

1. You hate to wake up early and avoid social gatherings early in the morning. The straight NO!

struggles people who love to sleep understand

2. Even your alarm can’t wake you up ever.

alarm cant wake you up

3. One of the real struggles people who love to sleep understand is you value your sleep more than your relationships.

relationship with your bed

4. People always complain about your absence everywhere and they treat you like, “Nice to meet you after a long long time”.

people complain about your absence

5. The another complain you face from your friends or family members is, you never answer my phone or reply to texts.

sleeping problems

6. Your most lovable and stable relationship is with your bed. You relish it!

good time with bed

7. You get labeled with your nickname as lazy.

being lazy everytime

8. In your class, your office or anywhere, you can sleep easily.

sleeping in office

9. Your parents just hate your sleeping habit and try new ways to wake you up early, but all in vein.

habit of sleeping

10. And you convince yourself and everybody near you that sleeping is good for you, so you love it and can’t get rid of this habit ever.

you love sleeping

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