10 Superb Cold Treats To Make This Summer

I scream, you scream and we all scream for ice cream! Not only for ice creams, but for all the Superb Cold Treats in the summer. During the summer, having cold stuff in your hand is just amazing. People tend to drink more instead of eating in the summer, but you can calm your body by the cold treats too. Just imagine you are sitting on the sand with ice cream in your hand. Well, it’s too good to think about this.

I don’t really like summer season, but after trying some superb cold treats, I can say that summer is not as bad as I think. So I have collected 10 cold treats for you to make this summer. Have a look at this list and don’t forget to try all in this summer. Chill and try must!

1. Superb Cold Treats – Watermelon Ice Pops

The best idea of refreshing in summer is to enjoy watermelon ice pops with mint. These adorable ice pops are definitely going to please both kids and also the adults in the summer season. For this, take seedless watermelon, fresh mint, salt, sugar, popsicle sticks and a container for freezing these pops. Choose the container according to your choice, because doesn’t matter what the shape of these watermelon pops are, you are surely going to enjoy in the warm months.

watermelon ice pops for summer

2. Pineapple Treat

If you want to sweeten up your days in summer, then must try beachy flavors of pineapple as superb cold treats. The easiest recipe simply made with fresh pineapple, sugar, water, and lemon juice. You can easily make this with a blender or handy food processor. It can easily be frozen in the freezer so no need of the ice maker. Enjoy this refreshing treat with your loved ones!

Superb Cold Treats

3. Lemonade Fun

The lemonade or lemon water is the way to cool down our body, but think about the lemonade ice cream on the Popsicle. All you have to do is to take 3 things for this recipe, the Popsicle, homemade lemonade, sugar and some flavors of your choice. For the summer season, it would be the best to decorate the lower part of lemonade Popsicle with Rooh Afza.

Superb Cold Treats

4. Chocolate Dip Frozen Bananas

An awesome, delightful treat for all, especially the kids, chocolate dip frozen bananas. These sweet bananas treats can easily be made by anyone and can be dipped in a variety of flavors or nuts. To start this, take bananas that are ripe and frozen, but make sure to to stick the Popsicle into the bottom of banana before placing in the freezer. After this, you can use nuts, toffees, coconut, chocolate, peanuts and many more items to decorate all the frozen bananas.

chocolate dip frozen bananas

5. Fantastic Fruits Treat

If you can’t decide which fruit to eat this summer, read this out. Enjoy the fruits on the popsicle sticks with the help of only a few ingredients. All you have to search is disposable cups, kiwi, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple and orange juice. You can also add the lemon water or tang depends on your taste. By adding all the stuff, place the cups for freezing. Your delicious fantastic fruit sticks are ready to eat!

fruit treat to enjoy in summer

6. Summer Sandwich

When you are feeling warmer, there is nothing cooler than the ice cream sandwich. The kids are really going to enjoy this summer as these mouth watering items are there to chill you out. The classic ice cream sandwich cookies are the best way to love and remember the summer. Make the sandwich with your favorite ice cream flavor and satisfy your tongue!

ice cream sandwich in summer

7. Strawberry Season

The go-to summer recipe for strawberry lemonade popsicles is here so don’t wait and try your hands at making these colorful pops. The two layered lemonade and strawberry treat contains yogurt, lemon juice, sugar, fresh strawberries and water. This cool treat is to be known as most favorite treat of the family. Add the ingredients according to your taste and live with perfection!

strawberry popsicles in summer season

8. Nutella Treats

Are you a dying fan of nutella? If yes, then this treat is going to make you calm and cool. With nutella and yogurt popsicles, you can beat the summer season. After pairing both the stuff, place them in the freezer. The amazing popsicles with nutella bytes are what everyone wants in the hot summer.

nutella cold popsicles

9. Superb Cold Treats – Smoothies

For a healthy and cool smoothie, all you want is a blender, some powerful ingredients, and the stuff you want for a better taste. You can choose planet smoothie, a protein smoothie or also a weight loss smoothie. All options will benefit you as they provide basic nutrients and lots of energy in the hot season. This recipe is as healthy as delicious!

smoothies in summer

10. Fruity Ice Cubes

The yummy twist in the form of ice cubes is just amazing. Take your favorite fruits and place them in the ice cube tray with little water, juice or lemon drink, choose what you like the most. Place this in the freezer and take it out when frozen. Your fruity ice cubes in the hot summer season are ready!

fruity ice cubes

So which Superb Cool Treats are you going to make this summer? Share with us and enjoy!

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