10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A True Lipstick Lover

If you are reading this article, that means you are in love with your lipsticks. Yeah, you can’t keep over your favorite shade and wearing a lipstick is like you have got some super powers. If you don’t agree at all, then I am here to tell you the basic importance of lipsticks in our lives, especially when we are a lipstick lover. We have so much makeup items, but we love lipsticks the most.

Putting some lipstick gives you confidence and you don’t want to survive in this world, if you leave your home with empty lips. We, the girls know the struggles we face when we don’t have lipstick, as this is a daily essential. Wearing a unique shade of lipstick is not always easy, it requires lots of struggles, so as a lipstick lover, I am going to discuss some situations you can totally relate if you are a true lipstick lover too. Even lip glosses won’t work this time… only lipsticks!

1. As a true lipstick lover, there is no substitute of lipsticks. Not even any gloss.

true lipstick lover

2. You take too much time to decide from which lipstick to start your day with.

starting day with lipstick

3. Shopping is a girl’s favorite hobby, but you only shop for lipsticks when everyone in a group is shopping for clothes and bags.

lipsticks shopping

4. You really deserve a reward if you can eat a sandwich with the shade on your lips. It’s like an art!

eating with shade on lips

5. You know all the shades of lipstick.

shades of lipstick

6. You love to buy the same shade from the same brand again and again. All you want is lipstick, no matters what the shade is.

lipstick from the brand

7. You have a bulk of lipsticks and among them, there are many you have never used.

bulk of lipsticks

8. When you come to know that your favorite shade is no more in the market.

lipstick is out of stock

9. You always carry two lipsticks in your bag. That’s the sign of a true lipstick lover.

lipstick in bag

10. Sometimes, you feel so much conscious of your lipstick brand. Are you a brand pro?

brand conscious

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