10 Things Couples Do When They Are In Love And It Is Just Creepy

Falling in love with the person who loves you too is just magical and there is no feeling better than this relationship. The love, the romance, the hours of chatting and gossiping, seriously amazing. Sometimes these feelings come out extremely annoying for anyone else. Especially the person watching or hearing everything! There are many tiny things couples do when they are in love and it is seriously very weird.

We are all guilty of bad habits, but these habits change once you fell in any relationship, means these habits just change into the lovey-dovey stuff. Seems irritating? Yes, it is! You are not romantic, you are just a creepy. Here are few things couples do when they are in relationship from cuddling to the baby talk in front of everyone. Here we go!

1. The baby talk is one of the funny things couples do when they are in love like “Aww mele baby ne khana khaya?” What’s this? Kindly see your ages first.

Things Couples Do When They Are In Love

2. The weird nicknames for each other are actually weird and they use them very much.

nicknames in relationship

3. You always watch them sleep secretly.

you see them sleeping

4. One can’t take any decision without the consent of another. The obvious rule!

consent of each other

5. “You hang up first” is the ultimate sentence of lovers and their goodbyes and good nights are really time taking.

relationships problems

6. Sometimes they behave like parents or siblings with one another.

sometimes act like siblings

7. You feed each other in a very non-sensuous way. Sometimes in public too!

problems with couples

8. You put their photos on your own desktop wallpaper or phone.

their lovely wallpapers

9. You always stalk them and their friends too. They love to use each other’s account.

stalking your love

10. They like every post of each other on Facebook and Instagram to show how good supporters they are.

instagram likes

Do you know what the awkward thing is? You know exactly what kind of underwear they own… Yes creepiest! Tag the people who do such things!

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