10 Things You Deal With When You Have A Short Tempered Friend

In our country, we can’t just live without some friends, in short ‘Jigarss’. We have many varieties of friends from short to tall, from angry to calm and from cool to a Short Tempered Friend. People always think hundred times before speaking in front of that friend, otherwise be ready to face the real melody drama.

Everyone has experienced the situations where the short tempered friend has done something very strange because he/she just can’t handle anything calmly. You should be aware every time your short tempered friend is near you otherwise the side effects will blow your mind. Here we have collected 10 things you deal with when you have a short tempered friend. Have a look!

1. If anyone dares to say something about you or fights with you, an immediate fight appears.

short tempered friend

2. You can’t face them when they have an angry look on their face because they look very horrible.

angry look of friend

3. They can’t bear any bad news and stay away from them when they are facing that situation. Just stay away!

breaking a bad news

4. No one dares to fool you in any matter, especially in the case of money. Be aware not to deceive them.

when someone fools you

5. They have short tempered, so you will always ask them to chill. In this matter, they will show your more anger whenever you ask them to calm down.

short tempered friend problems

6. They are always very attentive whenever you are with them, so feel carefree.

feel carefree with friend

7. They will always throw their anger on you, but you should listen to them quietly.

listen to them carefully

8. You always expect them to lose on any occasion when they look very calm, but it surprises you when they stay calm.

excited reaction

9. They usually throw things here and there to cool their temper.

problem of short tempered friend

10. Although they are short tempered, but deep inside they have a very kind heart.

kind heart friend

So do you have any short tempered friend, who always act as the time bomb? If yes, then be like a bomb diffuser 😀

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