10 Things Guys Wish Girls Would Confess To Them

We know all the guys are not same, everyone has their own thoughts and state of mind. The rest of them want the girls to say everything openly rather than to keep in their mind. There are many things guys wish girls would confess, especially when they are in love with them.

In other words, things guys wish girls would confess to them are very complex, yet straight forward, but be aware sometimes these things will blow your mind. Here are such 10 things you really wish to know from girls, so know these things and read their minds…

1. The girls always show the guys their shyness, especially when they have crush over any guy. They will never make a first step and always wait for the guy to admit that I really like you. But it won’t happen!

things guys wish girls would confess

2. The common habit of the girls is that they can easily get jealous with other girls, especially when any girl talk to your boyfriend. You just want to murder that girl, but never admit this.

i am so jealous

3. The one of the weirdest things guys wish girls would admit to them, is when girls put a lot of makeup, but never admit it by saying “It’s my natural beauty”.

makeup problems of girls

4. Guys never understand what girls want because girls yes means no and no means yes. You can’t decide what the girls actually want.

girls confessions to guys

5. They never accept their mistakes and make you to apologize them over the stuff you haven’t done.

girls never say sorry

6. The ultimate statement of girl is, I am fine, even when she is upset. She loves to tease guys by saying I am alright.

girls weird logic

7. The girls always want guys to praise them and comment on their appearance, but only the good remarks.

girls want compliments

8. They want guys to talk to them at night because girls can’t sleep without talking to them. The problem is that they never accept it too.

when girls cant sleep

9. They never admit that they are getting fat. Instead, they want guys to praise them for being skinny and smart. This is the fact that girls hate to talk about their weight.

girls hate to talk about weight

10. The girls always live in the fantasy world and want to make it real, but never accept it.

girls fantasy world

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