10 Things Only Pakistanis Living In Arab Will Understand

It’s not easy to live in any country other than Pakistan, especially in Arab countries. Millions of people are living in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. There are funny, but common things only Pakistanis living in Arab will understand. Yes, they do!  From the house to the jobs, they will think about their own country at every moment because living in Pakistan is just amazing rather than to choose other countries, like Arab.

There are many things only Pakistanis living in Arab will understand by knowing the fact that they will never get nationality. Still, many people move there, especially for the job. So check out few things every Pakistani go through while living in any Arab country.

1. One of the most irritating things only Pakistanis living in Arab will understand that they will never get nationality.

things only pakistanis living in arab will understand

2. No nationality? Means can’t own any house! Go back.

no own house in arab

3. Every Pakistani can understand the problem of Iqama and the struggle to get it back, especially to renew it.

problems of iqama

4. The rules and regulations are simply different and strict there and many times, you just want to come back to your own country.

rules in arab countries

5. How can we forget the problems of hot weather there, the huge sand storms.

sand storms in arab

6. If you plan to go to any Arab country, make sure to bring all the light clothes because you will never see cold weather there ever!

hot weather in arab

7. The effort to get driving license is annoying!

driving licence problems in arab

8. You will always feel happy by talking to the Pakistani communities there. The best feeling!

meet desi community

9. The best thing is you can easily do Umrah and Hajj by living in Arab.

umrah and hajj in arab

10. The LOL thing is when you decide to go back to your country for vacation, every person in your family will send you the list to bring the Nivea cream, Vaseline, olive oil, chocolates. Sometimes if your flight is direct from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, then you have to take Broast chicken there too.

family demand list

Accept it, no country is like the Pakistan!

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