10 Things That Will Happen When You Move Abroad

When you move abroad, you feel many cultural shocks, that must be very awful for you. From the language to the lifestyle of goray people there, everything will be very irritating for you. You have to adjust there and this will take too much time as you are in the entirely new place, where no one knows you or don’t want to know too. There are many things that will happen when you move abroad and for these things you should make up your mind because things are going to be very different.

This sort of struggle is very real and you can’t get rid of it easily because you have spent a lot of money to go to abroad, so adjust or die! You have to answer many questions once you go there so be ready for such shocking things that will happen when you move abroad. Rest in peace!

1. That moment when everyone is shocked because you have picked up their accent very quickly.

Things That Will Happen When You Move Abroad

2. There will be a problem of food and you have to notice every food you eat. Some Halal stuff!

problem of halal food in abroad

3. You can’t wear Desi dresses there, so you will feel awkward most of the time by wearing these clothes in front of all the foreigners.

desi dress in abroad

4. You will crave Desi tea and food all the time, especially ‘Maa K Hath Ka Khana’.

you will miss food by mother

5. You will feel super excited when you see someone or something similar like in your own home.

happiest feeling in abroad

6. When you hear someone is speaking in Urdu. The amazing feeling!

you hear soemone is speaking in urdu in abroad

7. The time difference will be the main issue. Oops!

time difference issue in abroad

8. One of the most difficult things that will happen when you move abroad is, you will realize the comfort of your own country because living in abroad, you have to do everything yourself.

no comfort in living abroad

9. You will try your best to make new friends there and for this you will say YES to every invitation you get. It’s like the best chance to make some good friends!

to make new friends

10. At last, after all the bad things, you will have the best time there and you will see everything from a different perspective.

best time in abroad

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