10 Types Of People You See In A Pakistani Restaurant

Do you want to start your day with Naan Chane, Halwa Puri and ends with Tikka and Kebab? Probably yes! Everyone dreams about eating their favorite stuffs all the time like lasagna, nachos and pizza, but the question is how and where? Mostly people prefer to visit the restaurant and if you are a desi type, then a Pakistani Restaurant is best for you. You are a perfect definition of foodaholic and having the uncontrollable craving for food, sometimes you act very decently and sometimes the different person come out of you. All these people can easily be available at a Pakistani restaurant.

If you are a true food lover and love to enjoy the peaceful meal at a good place, then some people around you will make this experience of your’s far better and enjoyable. You believe in mind your own business, but this can’t help you out and you notice each and every person there. So, to know more, read this article about 10 types of people you see in a Pakistani restaurant. Have an enjoyable meal ahead 😛

1. On the top, we have that person, who loves to eat alone and sometimes you feel, why is he actually too much alone. Feel sorry for him!

alone guy in pakistani restaurant

2. The one who actually eats less and snaps more. It is really worth eating, if the whole world knows about it…

taking pictures of food

3. The lovebirds, who will drink from the same glass and you will see them holding their hands under the table or sometimes, in front of everyone.

love birds in restaurant

4. That person, who is a real burger eater and who have nothing to do with the Desi stuff.

burger lover

5. The ill mannered people – They will eat with their open mouths with lots of voices. In short, they feel too comfortable in doing so. And sometimes, they will throw their mouth food to you…*Beep*

ill mannered people at restaurant

6. The reunion people, who are too noisy to handle and the management will try to calm down this table again and again.

noisy people at pakistani restaurant

7. Those people who come to click so many pictures and selfies in a restaurant. Seems weird!

selfies while eating

8. The one who just wants to stick to the old menu, because he/she never gets bored of eating the same thing repeatedly.

stick to same menu

9. The one in the Pakistani restaurant, who is the food waster, especially in case of buffet.

food waster

10. The boys group, who will not leave their ‘THARAKPUNA’ ever and you will see them smiling at every girl with no reason.

flirty guy at restaurant

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