10 Unbelievable Things About Donald Trump You Don’t Know

We know that Donald Trump was a glitzy business tycoon, but the truth is what you probably don’t know. Now a day, Trump is getting lots of attention from the media. Do you think, he should be a President of the United States? People surely know about his accomplishments like a real state tycoon, reality T.V. star and the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America. However, there are unbelievable things about Donald Trump you probably don’t know and many people don’t want to know too. All this man can do is to get people’s attention and this is one thing he is good at.

Here we are sharing some shocking facts and unbelievable things about Donald Trump, many people need to know. He has got some weird secrets under him, so have a look!

1. The Donald Trump Brand

Trump has his own clothing line, produced almost exclusively in China and Bangladesh. Then Ivanka Trump’s footwear and jewelry line is also present. Shocked? Yes, Trump has also many hotels, office buildings, golf courses and real estate ventures overseas.

trump brands

2. Trump Vodka

Do you remember the year 2007, when Trump launched his own vodka? This brand flopped quickly. In an interview with Munchies, Aleks Zilcovs, the nation’s largest vodka distributor, stated the following: “We’ve had it in stock for five years. It’s never sold. But now that he’s running for president we thought we have a chance to get rid of the vodka… but [still] no one wants to pay for it.”

things about donald trump

3. The Trump Board Game

Donald has his own board game known as “The Game”. It was released in 1989, but was cancelled due to poor sales. So no fans of his board game. Much funnier!

trump board game

4. His size of hands

Donald Trump is very sensitive about the size of his hands. Almost 30 years ago, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter accused Trump of being a “short-fingered vulgarian”. Trump didn’t let it go because he was so angry over this statement. Do you know what happened then? Trump used to routinely send Carter the measurements and tracings of his hands to prove that they were of normal size. Isn’t it hilarious?

donald trump hands

5. Expensive Mini Bar

One of the silly things about the Trump is, the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago has much pricey stuff. The bottle of mineral water there from the minibar is about $25. What else we could expect from him!

trump expensive water in mini bar

6. Childhood Troublemaker

Trump was a troublemaker in his childhood and was always getting in any trouble throughout his elementary and junior high school. His parents were tired of his behavior and sent him away to New York Military Academy to let him learn some manners and discipline.

trump as troublemaker child

7. He Loves Golf

Trump just loves gold and he used to play daily as he owns 16 high-end golf courses around the world. That’s not much surprising!

donald trump golf course

8. Trump Tower

Donald Trump has much a big tower in Chicago. It has 98 stories. And people say that this tower is one of biggest residential structure in the whole world. Thumbs up on his achievements!

trump tower

9. His Nicknames

Trump has many nicknames like ‘The Donald’ and he also says that he goes by ‘DJT’ too. Because his middle name is John. Donald John Trump, quite interesting man.

trump nicknames

10. Trump’s Net Worth

The net worth of this man is roughly $4.5 billion. The Presidential candidate and a much weird person he is, no doubt.

donald trump net worth

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