10 Weird Things That Can Easily Ruin Your Perfect Day

I know that there is someone who is facing the problems somewhere in this world in the daily routine. You always complain about weird things that can easily ruin your perfect day from the hot water in the shower on the hot day, the spot of tea on your favorite shirt or that bird poops on your head. If you are complaining about these awkward daily routine problems to anyone, then stop because somehow that person is facing the same. Scream!!!

Are you ready to think about the roller coaster ride from happy to insanely f***ing flashes? I know that there are greater problems than these I am going to mention, but damn, these will definitely burst your mind for the rest of the day when they happen. So check out these 10 weird things that can easily ruin your perfect day.

1. One of the weird things that can easily ruin your perfect day is when you wake up early morning and check your phone with the closed eyes, but accidentally phone slips down on the floor. The result is ultimate scratches…

weird things that can easily ruin your perfect day

2. When you drop the tea/coffee on your favorite shirt and you know that the stain won’t remove.

coffee spills on shirt

3. The feeling when you are standing under the hot shower in the winter, but after some minutes, cold water comes out. You just want to kill someone at that time!

cold shower

4. What about to get a crow shit on you when you go for a walk?

crow shit while walking

5. Forget to put on the deodorant in the morning and you feel the grumpy sweat coming. Oh, God!

when you feel sweating

6. Having a plan you were excited for, but it cancelled last minute.

plan cancelled last minute

7. What about waking up and having a large red pimple on your nose? The problem is you were about to go to the party that morning!

large pimple in morning

8. When you forgot to charge your phone and light went off.

when you forgot to charge your phone

9. When you wake up and realize that your maid is not coming and you have to do all the work yourself alone. Meh!

maid is not coming

10. Last, but not the least, when you are watching your favorite show and you realize that you have not paid your internet bill. Internet gone!

no internet

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