11 Desi Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Does it ever seem like everyone on this planet is in the relationship and having the perfect partner except you? And you always spend your weekends alone, so in this way you need to do a little self-exploration. There are plenty of reasons why you are still single in your life and all your friends are getting married. You often get jealous of them, but can’t find out why you have not found your perfect partner yet.

There might be the reasons that there is not any mature guy or girl in your desi family or you used to call them ‘Bhai’ or ‘Baji’. Don’t get panic, because it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Sit back and must think of the possible Desi reasons why you are still single, like me…

1. Your family wants your ‘Phupho Ki Beti’ or ‘Chachoo Ka Beta’ to be your life partner, but you can’t bear them at all. Not at all!

desi reasons why you are still single

2. You value your independence.

you value your independence

3. You are very picky and for you, there is not any perfect person in this world.

you are picky

4. You only want to spend your life with your friends.

life with friends

5. You hate arrange marriages and your desi family can’t even imagine about your love marriages.

desi marriages in pakistan

6. You’re super shy, one of the reasons why your status is still single.

shy single girl

7. You are very loafer and don’t want to change this habit of yours ever.

loafer guy in pakistan

8. You don’t want to share your bed with anyone.

you remain single

9. You are happy to be single.

happy to be single in life

10. You are uneducated and not a single family wants to give their daughter or son to you.

uneducated girl

11. And being a guy, you have some employment issues. The important one!

when you have unemployment problems

Do you have any other reasons too? Share with us!

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