11 Sad Lessons For Boys From The Youth movie PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA

Girlfriends are the most jealous and mistrustful creature of the world who have just one aim in their life to let their boyfriends spend every minute according to so called girlfriends. Whether they are the Desi boyfriends or Wadheshi ones, no one can stop them to do what their girlfriends want.

girlfriend is tension

Sometimes, these stuffs can be very harmful for girlfriends whose boyfriends just get annoyed from her. There are many moments who let the boyfriends to yell like DAMAGH KI DAHI HO GYE. All this is because of their girlfriends whose stupid arguments and creepy discussions make them insane.

pyar ka punchnama

Have a look at these 11 lessons to learn from the youth movie Pyar ka Punchnama. The both parts of this movie will make you feel that’s why girlfriends behaves so weirdly.

1. Boys are legal property of their girlfriend

If you have a girlfriend you don’t have any life, you should spend every hour by the wish of your girlfriend. In short you boys are girls legal properties.

no life

2. Girlfriend is always right 

Your girlfriends are always right and if you want to prove them wrong, they will make your DAMAGH KI DAHI. So do whatever they want.

girlfriends are headache

3. Girlfriend is boss of your social life

You have to give time to your girlfriend because this is an essential part of your routine doesn’t matter what type of your boss is and how much you are busy at the office. The problem is your boss wants to come to the office on Sunday too. GIRLFRIEND VS BOSS!

office problem

4. Listen whole day story with patience

Your shoulders are the girls favorite and personal place and she wants to talk all the time on that place doesn’t matter your boyfriends are feeling sleepy or not, but remember one thing your life is not yours and you have to listen what bullshit is your girlfriend saying.

girls problem

5. Praise your girlfriend every time

You have to praise your girlfriends all the time, whether you heart wants or not, but to make them happy take this cruel step.

cruel thing ever


6. Don’t you know my choice and you say you love me LOL ?

Remember your girlfriends have thousands, millions of colors in their lives and you should remember all the colors for the sake of their happiness.

girlfriend choice

7. You don’t like cricket because your girlfriend hates cricket

Because your girlfriend just hates cricket, so you have to watch those channels which your girlfriend love. “DIL PE PATHHAR”.

cricket haters

8. Never argue i repeat never argue

Go wherever your girlfriends want to go otherwise a long lecture is ready for you.

outing problem

9. If she is doing how it can be a wrong thing?

Your girlfriends always want you to impress them no matter how weirdly other people are staring at them.

impress the boys

10. Never find a bug in her

Always say good things about their cooking, otherwise they will cry hard.

girlfriend is prpblem

11. Boys don’t have personal life

And when you realize you don’t have any personal life.

no personal life



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