11 Signs That Prove You Are In A Relationship With Your Mobile Phone

Glued to your mobile phone every time? It means you are in a serious relationship with it and you can’t live without this gadget ever. Everyone falls for any person and this is just beautiful feeling, but falling for your mobile phone is ultimately different. You actually walk into the doors and barriers because you are too busy looking into your phone.

We will show you some signs that prove you are in a relationship with your mobile phone and trust us, almost 70% of you people did this every time. The obsession with your mobile phone has sometimes led to the serious and embarrassing situations. So, find out here!

1. The first thing you do after getting out of the bed in the morning is to look for your mobile phone. Yes, the compulsory task!

searching mobile phone

2. You always feel a mini heart attack on dropping your phone.

shocking reaction on dropping mlobile phone

3. You always carry your phone in your hand. Like 24/7…

obsessed with phone4. Your phone battery doesn’t last more than 7 hours because you are possessed of it too much.

low phone battery

5. You can maintain more than 5 threads at a time.

busy on phone

6. You freak out when there is no internet connection.

no internet connection

7. When someone gets irritated because you use too much phone.

mobile phone addiction

8. You love to play games on it every time you are free.

obsessed with phone

9. You always yell when someone else tries to touch your phone.

dont touch my phone

10. You don’t need any DSLR, because your mobile phone is enough to take pictures.

phone camera

11. And your phone is the real reason behind your happiness.

i love my phone

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