11 Things You Should Do When Stuck In Worse Lahore Traffic

Living in Pakistan and stuck in traffic is like a nightmare, no one ever wants to see. Pakistani traffic jams are far different than the other countries, where you can see all the vehicles side by side. The donkey cart, rickshaws, cars, bikes, cycles  and many more Desi ones. By saying this, everyone knows that Lahore traffic is the worst and you have to wait for the long hours in your ‘Sawari’, but can’t do anything.

We Pakistanis don’t know what ‘Patience’ means, because everyone is in a hurry, especially when stuck in Lahore traffic jam. So to know more, read this article and know some funny things you can do while stuck in traffic. Cheers to Lahoris!

1. Must inform the other people about the worse Lahore traffic jam.

stuck in lahore traffic

2. Feeling bored? Don’t worry, because you can clean your car while waiting for traffic.

clean your car

3. Pakistani’s love to stare, so stare back at those staring at you badly.

staring when stuck in traffic

4. Be a singer or turn on your radio to keep calm.

singing in traffic

5. People love to honk in traffic jam, so your task is to spell them. Because honking without any reason wouldn’t make that worse traffic move faster.

when someone annoys you in traffic

6. Apply makeup. This will definitely help you to spend your time.

apply makeup in car

7. Um, what about eating? Probably the important stuff.

eating in car

8. Tweet about the situation you are facing.

tweet about the traffic jam

9. Make a call to your friend. The best time pass solution.

traffic problems in pakistan

10. Selfies… the best way to keep yourself distracted.

selfies on road

11. Besides all the things, if you are unable to entertain yourself, then *Cry*.

lahore traffic jam

Any other suggestion? 😀

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