11 Things That You Love/Hate/Miss About Your School!

School life is the one which we never forget, it is the life we always pray to get rid of during our studies but when we come out of it then we miss it like nothing else. This article will tell you about few of those things which you either love or hate about it, but you must remember them all.

Waking up at 6 for school.

Waking up for school

During our school life, waking up earlier was the worst most feeling of the world but today we just want to be wake up like that once again

Attending assembly on time.

Attending assembly on time

The way we were asked to attend the assembly before the beginning of the day was something very childish for us, but today we want to stand there one time again.

Fighting over the seat in class.

Fighting over the seat in class

Acting like a child, fixing a seat for a friend or fighting for a seat of your own at a specific place are some of the actions we miss the most today or we laugh upon them.

Attendance time in school.

Attendance time in school

The way our name was called in attendance is thing that we miss the most today. As attendance was the only reason behind attending any class. 😀

May I come in.

May I come in

While entering in a class, asking the class teacher in an innocent manner “may I come in?” is the sweet memory of our school life. This is the question we want to ask everyday but definitely this question has ended as the school life has ended

Waiting for the bell and running for the lunch break.

school bell in school

After half day, the way students wait for the bell is adorable. As the bell sound reaches the ears, the way of running for the lunch break was even more adorable

Writing on blackboard/whiteboard.

Writing on blackboard


The most sweet thing was when our teacher call us to write something on board as a way to appreciate our good homework. Now we just want to have a white board on which we can write and want to have a teacher there for appreciating us that you have written very well. L

Long queue in canteen of school.

Long queue in canteen of school

During our lunch break, trying to get some space in the long queue of students is a good thing to remember.

Selection as monitor.

Selection as monitor

The best feeling was to be selected as monitor of the class and controlling the class like a teacher

Reading in front of class.

Reading in front of class

When teacher asked to read something in class and you get confused while reading.

Checking of uniform.

school uniform

The way we were checked to show the cleanliness of our uniform and everything we were wearing was something embarrassing for us, but we miss it the most today.

Each of us want to become a child again as a child lives inside us even today. Unfortunately none of us can go back to this golden period of life as no one can born twice. I must raise this question that will be answered in yes by each of you. 🙂

Do you miss this life? 🙂

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