12 Funny Things Girls Do When They Are Home Alone

Just like the boys, girls have many ‘Roops’. When they are in the gathering they will show you the completely descent behavior and when they are alone, you will be shocked to see them all. Girls are funny, even funnier than boys sometimes. You will see them very beautiful and well put together in the malls, streets or restaurants. But, in real girls are gross creatures just like the boys. Have you ever seen any funny things girls do when they are home alone? If not, then we will show you.

Girls love to stay alone because they love to do the freaky stuff when no one’s around. Ask them, they will refuse seriously, but they are really hilarious. So, here are 12 funny things girls do when they are home alone. Don’t miss your chance and see them!

1. One of the most funny things girls do when they are home alone is to stare at the mirror and make creepy faces. Yes, they really do this!

funny things girls do when they are home alone

2. They will take lots of selfies when no one is around and the amount of selfies will be more than 50. LOL!

girl taking selfies

3. Stalking is the girl’s favorite hobby and when they are alone, they love to do the same stuff. Stalking your boyfriend, the boyfriend’s ex and your ex too.

girl stalking when home alone

4. They will try each and every hairstyle they can do in the time when they are home alone.

when girls are home alone

5. To try makeup techniques will be the next step.

when girls try makeup

6. They will pass their time by rotating all the clothes in the wardrobe.

girl checking clothes

7. Some girls also love to try dance moves. No matter how they look while dancing!

girl dancing moves

8. The ultimate happiness they get is by talking to their friends when they are alone. This also includes their boyfriends too! Yeah…

girl talking on phone

9. They will dream and think about their dream wedding, about their love and also about some romantic moments.

girl dreaming when home alone

10. To eat with the nastiest ways is the other fun.

how girl eat when no one is around

11. Trying on short clothes like jeans, t-shirts, skirts with new glasses. Girls love to do this stuff!

girl new avatar

12. When girls are home alone, they sing every song they love loudly.

singing when alone

So girls do you agree?

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