12 Most Favorite Food Items Of Pakistani People They Would Die To Eat For

Pakistan is famous for traditional food RAWAYAAT and amazing texture of everything where people cannot forget their heritage as living in the society. The fabulous colors of festivals and celebrations is surely not completed without having the favorite food of Pakistani people.

The food and sweet dishes of Pakistani is known to be the best around the world because people can’t survive to eat a sweet dish after their dinner. From Haleem to Korma, Gol Gappay to Papri Chaat, Gulaab Jamun to Ras Malai if you visit Pakistan, must sure to eat these all SAUGAATS once and this will not let you get back.

Here we have found you the 12 most favorite food items of Pakistani people they would die to eat for. These foods will definitely attract from all over the globe.

1. A Colorful Biryani

Colorful Biryani is at the top when we talked about the yummiest foods of Desi people even they don’t hesitate to eat Biryani from the dhabbas as well. The tradition is that this Biryani will be served with simple yogurt or mint one called Raita.

Colorful Biryani in Pakistan

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2. Special Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri with Chane are the most epic breakfast in Pakistan where some people prefer to eat Pratha also. People often buy this from the shops or small debase especially those people who want to rush to the office. There are small shops and restaurants in different corners and streets of Pakistan who are giving this delicious breakfast. The yummiest thing about this breakfast is you can also enjoy the sour onion and pickle with it.

Special Halwa Puri

Source: hifood.pk

 3. The Pink Kashmiri Tea

The very common tea among the Pakistani people, especially the people living in the Peshawar who can’t start their day without having a cup of this special tea. Sprinkled with almonds and pistachio on the top, this Chhayye is full of a flavor.

 Pink Kashmiri Tea

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4. Koozi Haleem

Famous in Lahore, this delicious food item can be found in every area of Pakistan having the combination of Daal and Meat. People preferred it in their breakfast and can enjoy the taste of fried onions along with coriander and green chilies on the top.

Koozi Haleem

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5. Nutty Kheer

How can one forget the Kheer after having food known as one of the best sweets in Pakistan. Being loved by all the people who enjoy the taste of Khoya and some nuts on its top. Other than routine, it is served on some occasions because many varieties of this sweet has been originated with the passage of time like Gajrela and Firni.

Nutty Kheer

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6. Yellow or Multicolored Zarda

The Zarda is famous and yummiest treats of Pakistan known as the South Asian food. You can add your all favorite sugary things in it which you want like sugar, khoya, nuts, dry fruits and your favorite colors to bring more flavor to it. Other than special occasions, people also made this in their daily routine.

Multicolored Zarda in Pakistan

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7. Bar B Que and Seekh Kebabs

The special Bar B Que and Seekh Kebabs along with mint chatni have a special place in the list of the most favorite items of Pakistani People. Both can be eaten with naans which has unmatchable taste when come up with spicy kebabs and tikka boti. Foreigners who come to Pakistan cannot go back without enjoying these yummiest stuffs.

Bar B Que and Seekh Kebabs

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8. Traditional Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is another favorite sweet dish of Desi people who love to enjoy these sugary items. All the celebrations will not be complete without having some Gulab Jamun. People love to eat this without having the fact that it contains 250 calories.

 Traditional Gulab Jamun

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9. Mouthwatering Falooda

This item is the modern verison of the Persian dessert called as Faloodeh. It is prepared with the special stuff of sugar, kulfa, rose water and some nuts, which will end up your tongue full of different varieties of taste. This food can be prepared with the items which can be craved by everyone.

Mouthwatering Falooda

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10. Lovely Jalebi

The pretzel shape with a sugary taste has something unique in it that results in the fact that everyone loves it. Soaked in sugary syrup and served hot, it is traditional treat that is deep fried. Now it is known as the most wanted sweet dish in Pakistan.

Lovely Jalebi

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11. Milky Byte of Ras Malai

Milky Ras Malai is made up of powdered milk balls which is sweetened with milk and the flavored toppings of nuts according to your taste. Known as white, fluffy and velvety balls also popular in India and other parts of the Continent.

Milky Byte of Ras Malai

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12. Gol Gappay

The round sour and creamy Gol Gappay has its own taste when went to any mouth. People can’t enjoy it without having a bowl of sour water. Found in corner of streets or other Desi restaurants, everyone has its own unique way to make them.

Gol Gappay

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Try these Desi foods once and you’ll forget the other cuisines. So what’s your favorite Pakistani food? Let us know in the comment section!

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