12 Reasons Why Having a Cousin Your Age Is Truly Awesome

Not a single family gathering can be a fun without lots of cousins. They are your best friends and best relatives too. Nothing but a blessing, if you have a cousin your age and you have grown up with them. Elder or younger ones, you know what we are talking about. Your life is just awesome when you live with your cousins. From making food together to clean up the broken vases, it’s truly awesome to spend life having a cousin.

Simply, there’s nothing better than having a cousin your age. Read out the reasons and remember your childhood.

1. Most people think that you are siblings. Because you have grown up together.

cousin your age

2. No matter who is the culprit, you have gone through all the pitai stuff with your cousins.

grown up with cousins

3. Having a cousin your age means you have lots of embarrassing childhood memories together.

embarrassing childhood memories

4. You can easily borrow the stuff from your cousins. Clothes, shoes or anything else you like.

cousins sharing clothes

5. Your cousins are your best friends and you don’t have space of any other person in your circle.

cousins are your best friends

6. A night out with cousins is in your daily routine and your parents don’t have any problem with this.

night out with cousins

7. You and your cousins can laugh without any reason. And you understand your inside jokes too.

cousins laughing on joke

8. Family gatherings are too excited when your cousins are there. It’s the fact!

family gatherings with cousins

9. You and your cousin love to create troubles in your families and you two are there to cover for each other.

cousins love

10. Your cousins are your best friends and they know your secrets. All dirty secrets!

cousins dirty secrets

11. You have also planned to get married together one day.

cousins marriage

12. You are happiest when you are with them.

living with cousins

It’s undoubtedly beautiful to spend your life with your cousins! What do you think?

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