12 Reasons Why Your Laptop Is Better Than A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Many people want relationship in their life, but those people also exist who are bit different and you know what they want? A laptop! Yes, they can stay forever with the only laptop without being in a relationship with girlfriend or boyfriend. Probably, the relationship with laptop is the most pleasing experience and one must accept that your laptop is better than a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Can you focus on how much time you spend with your laptop in the fix position in bed? Don’t stress! Being single and fall in love with laptop is better than having a relationship with another. So, check out the reasons why your laptop is better than a boyfriend or girlfriend. Agree or not?

1. Relationships come and go, but the laptop and the internet will remain forever.

your laptop is better than a boyfriend or girlfriend

2. The warm feelings you can get on your lap by laptop is better than the human contact.

laptop on lap

3. You can search whatever you want on the laptop. It will never judge you.

search whatever you want on laptop

4. It will not complain you that you have visited or stalk anyone’s profile.

stalk anyone on laptop

5. Your laptop will help and support you in all your bad habits rather than to complain.

laptop helps you in bad habits

6. Your laptop is better than a boyfriend or girlfriend because it doesn’t annoy you.

laptop doesnt annoy you

7. You can treat the laptop the way you want. Bored of laptop looks? Give it a new case.

beautiful laptop casing

8. Your laptop will never get jealous if you check other laptops online.

your laptop doesnt get jealous

9. You can learn many things with the laptop.

learn from laptop

10. You don’t have to impress your laptop in any way. Just like you have to for your boyfriend you girlfriend!

no need to impress your laptop

11. Your laptop will always there for you. If you can’t sleep and no one is there for you then open your laptop and have some relaxing moments with your laptop.

relaxing with laptop

12. You can treat you laptop according to your wish.

treat your laptop in your own way

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