12 Reasons Why Pakistani PHUPHO Is Really A Strange Creature

Pakistan – the country which is having the unlimited relationships in a family. Some are very sweet, some are loving and the rest of the relationship is known as Pakistani PHUPHO. They are not as sweet as they look because they belong to some strange creature.

Everybody in our country just got scared whenever they meet their phupho because every time you meet her, she will shock you with her new avatar. Here we have full proof reasons why Pakistani phupho is really a strange creature. Have a look, but don’t forget to remember your own phupho!

1. She loves to identify mistakes in each and every thing, in short KEERE NIKAALNA”.


2. You can’t hide from her eyes, because she is an expert in finding what you hate.


3. She just loves to stare at you every time you meet her.


4. The biggest nightmare for Pakistani’s people is to hear the ultimate scary news that: Phupho ne rishta bheja hai tumhare lye”.


5. She’ll come to your home for long hours, but don’t want to go back with bare stomach. At the end, when she eats everything, she will praise the food like: Saara khana theek tha lekin mirchein bohot ziada thi or meethe ma cheeni nae daali kiya?”


6. The hobby of our sweet phupho is to do exaggeration, every time like, Haye bhabhi mere bache toh itne layeq hain hamesha top karte hain”.


7. She wants gifts and money on every occasion, but sometimes she will still say that: “Suit nahin laaye?”


8. Not only young ones, our fathers are scared with our Phupho’s too.


9. In every serious matter, the main reason for the PHADDA or LARAYE is phupho.


10. The awkward moment when the children of phupho want to spend vacations with us.


11. She always complains about everything because they don’t like something; “Yeh kese kapre pehnne hue hain? Thodi haya karo”. The ultimate lecture.


12. Besides all the strange situations, the phuphos are one of the sweetest creatures in the world.

Pakistani PHUPHO

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