12 Signs That You Are Totally Obsessed With Chai

Nothing can beat the a cup of chai in the winters, not even any hot drink or coffee. The one who is obsessed with tea can easily say that I can’t live without tea. A cup of tea gives you ultimate pleasure, comfort and proper routine in time of problems.

As everybody knows this Chinese proverb that, ‘A day without tea is a day without joy.’ Well, you feel incomplete without a daily dose of chai. It means, you are obsessed with it. So check out the signs that prove how you are in love with the tea.

1. Morning? You can’t wake up without having a cup of chai.

chai lover

2. The tea has no comparison with other beverages, none give you warm and safe feeling like tea.

no comparison of tea

3. You love every type of tea. Herbal, black, iced, green and many more. So you are not fussy at all.

types of tea

4. You love to drink tea in your favorite mug and no one dares to touch it. Like no one!

tea in favorite mug

5. You need to drink a cup of tea after every meal. Otherwise, you can’t step forward.

tea after every meal is must

6. The best feeling turns out when you take Lipton or Tapal. Yes, these make you smile.

desi lipton tea

7. You don’t like those people, who can’t make a decent cup of chai.

hate who cant make proper tea

8. You love to drink your tea slowly, like with making the ‘surrrrrrrr’ or ‘shhrppp’ sounds. No matters people around you are getting irritated. You will do what you want, because you are obsessed with tea.

sipping tea

9. People often give lectures to you, don’t drink too much tea, it’s not good for health. But for you, nothing matters.

tea is important

10. You love the people, also obsessed with tea just like you.

tea together

11. You even love to order tea in the restaurant after food. Your hobby!

cup of tea in restaurant

12. You often prefer to use ‘elaichi’ in your tea just to give it more fancy look.

elaichi in tea

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