12 Things We All Did As Pakistani Kids

Childhood is the first and most lovely stage of everyone’s life, everyone wants to live again and again. Just like any other countries, living in Pakistan has been just amazing and we can’t forget the things we had done in our childhood. You must know the things we all did as Pakistani kids, from rolling in the mud to eating dust, everything is just mind blowing.

I have always remembered as the ultimate fun of eating baraf ka gola after school timings, because eating the unhygienic food was the other name of childhood. So most of the things we all did as Pakistani kids is quite common among our generation.

1. Playing in the dirty playground is one of the things we all did as Pakistani kids.

things we all did as pakistani kids

2. Playing hopscotch is another memory.

games of pakistani kids

3. For boys, playing street cricket was the common thing, even they love to play it in the young age too.

street cricket in childhood

4. During a break from school, playing paper balls was the common stuff.

paper balls throwing in childhood

5. One can’t forget the “Baraf Ka Gola” after school.

baraf ka gola in pakistan

6. The chupan chupai game was the most favorite game of childhood in Pakistan.

hide and seek game

7. Eating Kulfi, every time heard the voice of the man from the street. “Khoye Wali Kulfi”!

childhood memories in pakistan

8. Running after ring the bell of neighbors, or knock their doors.

little pakistani girl

9. To run for eating the remaining food after the guests left.

food guests left

10. Fight to get the leg piece from the Biryani.

fight to get leg piece

11. It was awesome to get too much “Eidi”, because we were kids.

pakistani memories of kids

12. Make excuses to not sleep early.

pakistani kids excuses

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