12 Times Zaid Ali Has Just Made Peoples Day Through Describing Pakistani Moments

Who don’t know about the famous entertainer of the internet world? This is none other than ZAID ALI, who has just amazing power to describe beautiful Pakistani Moments of families. His main aim is to compare the stuffs of white people VS brown people and the way they are living their life.

Over millions of people are following him on Facebook who know that his coming videos will be the super hit than the previous ones. People admire him and his work and all knows that one day he will beat all the other icons of the internet.

Lets chill your mood by knowing these hilarious moments being Pakistani.

1. When you want to make an urgent call, but your mother didn’t allow you because she is busy in doing gossips.


2. Because it’s time to get ready for RISHTAA, have a look at how Desi people do when rishta krane wali aunty come along with family.


3. One of the best Pakistani Moments is when your kaam wali bai touches your stuff in your room and you react like.


4. When you cry over your clothes in front of your Desi mother. Problem of every girl!


5. That embarrassing moment when your mother praises you in front of your RISHTEYDAAR.


6. Because your mother is super intelligent, she knows what you are doing. The moment when your mother sees you are typing messages and smiling.


7. When you have allergy by taking bath daily and your mother acts like VILLAIN.


8. When you act like DUKHII AATMA after breakup.


9. When your mother spy caught you red handed because you are talking to your JAANU.


10. When your father is watching the romantic scenes, but he will always show you double standards.


11. The moment when you remain busy on the laptop and your mother calls you.


12. When you have a Desi ultimate BHOOKI girlfriend in your life.


There are many situations of Zaid Ali which depicts the real Desi family’s lifestyle. Hope you like these all. Comment below if you are agree!

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