12 Ways To Become A Happier Person In 2017

As 2016 has gone and the new year is in front of everyone. We did many things in previous years, but now it’s time to be a better, changed and a happier person. This new year celebration should be the new call to refresh your life, everyone wants in order to get amazing lessons from the past. Let’s take this 2017 as the new door of opportunities, where you can end up the previous exhausting chapters to learn more about the self love.

There are many ways to become a happier person by learning what does real happiness mean and how to get it. Below are some ways that will definitely help you to manage your life more successfully in order to become a calmer and a happier human being. Be happy, calm and healthy. Cheers!

1. Remove all your negative thoughts this year and try to handle every matter positively.

stay positive to be a happier person

2. Love and take care of yourself, because self care is not the selfish term. Help yourself first before trying to help others.

self love

3. To become a happier person, it is important to find a better morning routine for your body in order to remain relaxed all the day.

morning routine

4. Just like the morning one, there should be the bed routine too. Wash your face, stay away from your gadgets, read some good books and have a calm sleep.

bed routine5. Do iron your clothes, because Vanessa Friedman has once said that, dress like an adult, do not distract and think of your clothes as costume.

adult dressing

6. Try to replace ‘I am sorry’ with ‘Thank you’. Like instead of saying “Sorry for my mistake”, say, “Thank you for being enduring with me.”

be thankful this year

7. Try to adopt a habit of donating money and time to needy people.

donating money and time

8. Plan your vacations.

plan your vacations

9. Put your phone on silent at night and go to bed an hour earlier.

sleeping happily

10. Feel what’s running inside you.

know your feelings

11. Develop a habit to spend more time with nature.

nature love

12. Stay confident that 2017 will be the happiest and opposite to 2016.

happy people

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