10 Reasons To Be Single On Valentines Day |Awesome Facts

As valentine day is celebrated on 14 February all around the world, everyone wait for the day madly. Every girl wants to have a boyfriend whereas every boy wants to have a girl friend but the people who are single can enjoy this day even more than the mingles. :p

It is not necessary to celebrate this day with only girlfriend or boyfriend.

Valentine day is the day of love. It is not necessary to wish this day only to your girl friend or boy friend but you can wish it to any of your loved ones like your family members. It is really not the tradition of our country to celebrate this day like the western culture.

There are many reasons which make this day awesome for the single people, some of them are given below:

The money in their pocket can be saved. They don’t need to spend it on any person except themselves on Feb 14.

save money on valenties


You are not bounded to wear ‘RED’ color dress like other couples celebrating this day.

red dress on valentines


It is the time to tell the world how strong you are as a human. You can show to the world that you can live like an independent woman.

single man on valentines


When you don’t need to lie to your parents just for going out on a date.

lie to your parents


When you don’t need to take a shower just because you need to go out the next day on a big celebration.

take a shower on valentines


When you don’t need to find a lot of over words like “I love you”, “I can’t live without you”, “you are my life”, ‘I can’t imagine this life without you”, when you are just yourself.

 valentines day lie


When you can save many lives like you won’t need to give flowers to your love as the life of those flowers has been taken by those who have plucked them.

save flowers on valentines


When you can just chill with yourself without any tension of making someone happy with your sweet words and actions.

galentines day


You can celebrate the ‘Galentine day’ instead of the ‘valentine day’ more happily with your bestfriends.

eat sophisticated on valentines


You don’t need to pretend to eat sophisticated while sitting in any restaurant in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

These are the main reasons that can make you happier for being single. You need to analyze them before getting sad just for being single. You should realize that its your independence time, you are allowed to live a life of freedom, whereas in other case you will just have to make the other person happy with your words and actions, which is really irritating and hectic. You can consult the married people to get some valid information. :p

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