14 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand

When we remember any phase of our life, then the school memories along with school friends are the best and foremost chapter of our lives one can’t forget ever. From the first day to the last day of school, you have each and every thing in your mind whether its your mark sheet or the apple in a lunch box. Moreover, we have many things to talk about like the problems only teachers will understand.

Your first parent teacher meeting in a school with the fear because you get the lowest marks and your parents are staring at you. Not only this, your teacher will not leave any chance to scold you in front of your parents. There is a love and hate relationship with your teachers everyone have. For students, some teachers are just lovely and the remaining are just annoying that you don’t want to take classes from them ever.

You always stare at each and everything of teacher because you love to give comments from their colorful dresses to their weird hairstyles. Just like yours experience, teachers have weird experiences as well and there are such problems only teachers will understand and trust us they are really true. Their dialogues along with situations they fall in need to realize. So read the article, think about what you have done to your teachers and the problems only teachers will understand. Have a look!

1. The first day in the school is absolutely horrible.

problems only teachers will understand

2. When they are asked to make changes in the curriculum and you are not prepared.

teachers problems you should understand

3. The annoying feeling when any student asked “Can I go to drink water?” He/she will always get the reply, “Baar baar pani kiyun peene ja rahe ho?”

when students want to drink water

4. When teachers are bursting because students have not completed the homework, the reason is there were too much homework.

too many homeworks

5. That feeling when student cracks any jock and teacher tried to not laugh anyway.

when you stop your laugh

6. When all your students are cackling and you have not any idea why.

when your students are giggling

7. And when your students find you on Facebook or Instagram.

when your student finds you on facebook

8. When any of your students asks a really stupid question.

stupid questions

9. People who have never done your job tell you that teaching is so easy.

teachers sad moments

10. When parents refuse to believe their child has done anything wrong.

weird parents

11. When a student knows more than you. Face palm!

student knows more than teacher

12. When a student demands loo break after every lesson.

loo breaks of students

13. When students don’t bring pencil, rubber to class.

student basic problems

14. The basic problem of mobile phones.

students using mobile phones in class

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