15 Glorious Waterfalls Of Pakistan To Visit

Pakistan is the country with amazing and numerous breathtaking places. The bubbling rivers of Punjab, stunning valleys of Naran, sun-kissed beaches of Sindh, beautiful lakes of Balochistan and wonderful mountain ranges. Other than these, one of the stunning blessings are glorious waterfalls of Pakistan. You must say that these waterfalls are marvelous creations of nature which has given to our beloved country Pakistan.

Visiting these waterfalls gives you the opportunity to see some spectacular scenes on earth. There are many wonders in Pakistan that are filled with awe inspiring beauty and what we call these places are really the natures gift. Many people only love to see the amazing places in Pakistan, but very few know about the glorious waterfalls of Pakistan.

Here are some of the most beautiful and glorious waterfalls of Pakistan you should visit. Once you visit them, it’s very difficult to come back because everyone wish to stay there forever. So pack your bags and explore the beautiful areas of Pakistan!

1. Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur in Azad Kashmir

15 glorious waterfalls of pakistan to visit

2. Jamgar Waterfall in Azad Kashmir

jamgar waterfall in azad kashmir

3. Dhani Waterfall in Neelum Valley

dhani waterfall in pakistan

4. Cham Waterfall in Chinari

cham waterfall

5. Hanna-Urak waterfall in Quetta

hanna urak waterfall

6. Pir Ghaib Waterfall in Balochistan

pir ghaib waterfalls

7. Chotok Waterfall in the village of Moola

chotok waterfall in the village of moola

8. Farphu Waterfall in Gilgit–Baltistan

farphu waterfall

9. Shingrai Waterfall in Swat

shingrai waterfall in swat

10. Sajjikot Waterfall near Abbotabad

sajjikot waterfall

11. Neela Sandh Waterfall Rawalpindi

neela sandh waterfall

12. Moola Waterfall Khuzdar

moola waterfall

13. Neela Wahn Waterfall Kalar Kahar

neela wahn waterfall

14. Patika Waterfall Neelum Valley

patika waterfall neelum valley

15. Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

naran kaghan waterfalls

You will be surely amazed after seeing the pictures of amazing and glorious waterfalls of Pakistan. Some waterfalls are surrounded by the breathtaking hills and attractive jungle, some are small and some are the longest. Not only this, the villages near some of the waterfalls are also the most beautiful one to visit and to admire. So when are you planning to visit these waterfalls of Pakistan? Make sure to bring a camera with you because those moments are really amazing to capture.

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