15 Signs That Proves You Are Truly A Food Lover

Food in your hands, food in your mouth and food here and there. Means you are truly a food lover. You always want a plate of food in front of you. Whether you are happy, sad, sick or absolutely fine, you can’t get bored with food. There is not any favorite food of yours because you can eat anything, cheesy pizza, huge burger, chocolaty doughnuts and ice cream of any flavor.

You are truly a food lover that means you are a perfect definition of Foodaholic and having the uncontrollable craving for food. Being a real food lover, it is impossible for you to stay even an hour without food. So mad over food? Here are a few signs that proves you are truly a food lover. Have a foody reading ahead!

1. Your first task after waking up in the morning is to step forward towards kitchen to decide what to eat.

you are truly a food lover

2. The LOL thing is you want pre-breakfast and post-breakfast snack always.

pre and post breakfast snacks

3. Of course, you cannot skip any meal too.

cant skip any meal

4. When anyone asks, ‘What’s your favorite food?’. Your reaction.

pizza lover

5. Your cravings for French Fries every time is just amazing.

love for french fries

6. No doubt, your favorite hobby is to cook and eat.

cooking and eating

7. You can’t diet or say no to any food. Regardless of your weight!

you cant diet

8. You can’t bare when anyone touches your food.

hate to share food

9. While eating, you handle food like no one is watching. Eat, eat, eat and be comfortable in public.

eat like no one is watching

10. In your life, there is not any rule of breakfast, lunch or dinner, because you eat the whole day and night.

real food lover

11. You have a special love for junk food in your life.

love for junk food

12. No one can hide the food from you because you are a food investigator.

eat the hiding food

13. You often find yourself going through the menus of delicious restaurant online.

online food menus

14. You attend all the events and parties only for one reason. That’s food.

problems with food lover

15. In short, you love food more than anything else, more than people too.

love food more than people

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