15 Struggles Only A True Smoker Can Understand

Like more cigarette companies are coming in the market, more smokers are coming out too to enjoy and feel every new cigarette. We can easily see two types of people in this world, smokers and non-smokers, but one can’t deny that smoking is the worst habit ever. Being a smoker, only you know all the problems you have to face because the non smoker society will make your way even more difficult in this regard. There are hundreds of struggles only a true smoker can understand and trust me they face many troubles while smoking.

There are an extensive number of people who stayed loyal to the beautiful cigarette packs because you always support this fact that smoking doesn’t kill anybody *ahem*, well their decisions…

Let’s read about the 15 struggles only a true smoker can understand because it’s not easy being a smoker. It’s really difficult!

1. You always clear your throat every time you want to talk to anyone. *Cough cough*, clear throat… sorry, what were you saying?

struggles of a true smoker

2. You always focus on the morning cigarette because nothing in this world exists before this task.

morning cigarette

3. When you can’t choose between coffee and smoking because coffee without a cigarette doesn’t suit you.

smoking along coffee

4. When your cigarettes and the ashes get stuck onto your clothes and the smell lighten everyone’s minds that you have started smoking.

smoking smell5. When you can’t find your lighter…where’s my lighter? It was in my pocket… where is it?

lighter problems

6. You only love those places with smoking zones. Your favorite destinations!

true smoker struggles

7. And your large amount of money is spent on cigarettes every month. Yes, you are a true smoker.

large money spent on cigarettes

8. You always carry deodorant, gums and candies to hide your cigarette smell from your family and boss.

hide smell of smoking

9. When you have only one cigarette left and your friend wants to share it too.

sharing a cigarette

10. Your girlfriend just hates this habit of yours and always blackmails you to quit smoking. Last warning!

warning to quit smoking

11. That feeling when you see any ad that considers giving up smoking for a life, because it leads to many diseases or death too. Smoking kills!

smoking kills

12. When you want to quit the smoking… “Ok this is my last cigarette”. After some days, “Last cigarette” and after one year, “Promise it’s last.”

promise to leave smoking

13. Run every time when someone talks about the cancer.

struggles only a true smoker can understand

14. Black lips, stained teeth and wrinkles are the results of smoking.

smoking results

15. Everyone knows this that smoking is a bad habit. Quit it ASAP.

smoking is bad

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