16 Problems Insomniacs Totally Understand

Can’t sleep at night is one of the worst feeling in this world. It’s very frustrating when the whole world is sleeping and you are awake alone because you are having the insomnia problems. Life would be very easy if we have control over our brain with on/off switch, right? Your mind won’t let you sleep when the clock strikes 12, then comes the Problems Insomniacs Totally Understand.

Instead of sleeping, your mind and body reminds you about all the thoughts and memories and this continues till 4am to 5am. You should then realize you have another sleepless night. From counting sheep to check the phone again and again, every weird thing will happen.

At night you can’t sleep and in the morning you can’t wake up. This is not that much enough, here are many things to check about insomnia. We have gathered 16 problems insomniacs totally understand. Only for insomniacs!

1. You have weird patterns of sleeping like any animal or vampire.

problems insomniacs totally understand

2. You spend your day feeling like this.

spend your day like this

3. You feel like this, when you lay down on the bed at night, tossing and turnings.

tossing and turns

4. You always make your mind to not sleep because your room can’t allow you. The weird sounds everywhere!

the sounds around you while sleeping

5. You spent your time on the bed calculating the time, how many hours you have for the sleep.

person having insomnia problems

6. You are always worried about your alarm is going to beep and you have not slept the whole night.

problems of not sleeping

7. As soon as you sleep, something or someone will surely going to wake you up, but no one knows that you are having insomnia.

cant wake up

8. Sometimes you wake up yourself before the alarm honks.

wake up before alarm beeps

9. Only two hours of sleep? It’s too difficult to work in the morning with less sleep.

insomnia problems at office

10. You are always tired. One of the problems insomniacs totally understand.

tired with less sleep

11. Coffee and tea will be your best friend.

coffee drinker

12. The people’s response will be, “You should sleep early, look at you, you look so tired”.

peoples response on your sleep

13. You always try to sleep at morning and this sleep goes for 3 to 4 hours easily.

sleep in the morning

14. The sleepless nights make you hungry.

hungry at night

15. You beg for sleeping pills.

begging for sleeping pills

16. You always search on google for the ways to sleep early at night, but all in vein.

ways to sleep early

Are you an insomniac? Are you feeling the same problems? This really sucks!

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