16 Weirdly Awesome Selfies

Taking selfies has become a huge part of the web culture. It has become a massive trend. You see people around you taking their own pictures all the time. The word “selfie” has been added to the oxford dictionary too.Initially popular with young people, selfies gained wider popularity over time. People try to take selfies to another whole new level, some have lost their lives in this craze.

I present you the most amazing yet weirdly awesome selfies.

A human shaving kit

Because a normal shaving kit is too main stream.

funny shaving kit

Literally trying to be delicious

Because some girl told him he’s not delicious enough to date her. So he tried being a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Still not delicious.

delicious selfi

Trying to be delicious:Part 2

Nope, not even all that Hershey’s chocolate syrup makes you desirable.

delicious selfie



The “pickpocket in act” selfie

If you notice the hand of the man is reaching for something in the girl’s pocket.

pickpocket in selfie

Double mustache selfie

Enough two mustaches can’t make him look manly.

Double mustache selfie

Selfie with a lama

Even in Pakistan selfies with Gae and bakras on eid is very common.

And yeah, they have the same smile.

Selfie with a lama

Perfectly timed selfie: Part1

This is so amazing and timing is so perfect.

Though the kid is cute, he could have asked for it.

Perfectly timed selfie

Selfie with the dead

Now that is a cheap stunt. This dude is outta his mind.

Selfie with the dead

Osama boy’s selfie

This picture is perfectly photo-shopped, i love it.

Osama sending selfies from his apartment in the grave.

Osama boy's selfie

No time is a bad time for selfie

This man proved that no time is a bad time for an awesome selfie.

selfie in water

Life endangering selfie

The craze of selfies have already taken a lot of people’s lives. Now we know how.


dangerous selfie

Perfectly timed selfie: Part2

Before he got rabies.

perfect selfie

The Simpson’s selfie

This is a weirdly awesome selfie. Who does not love Homer? A Homer selfie. AWWEESOOMMEEEE!!

The Simpson's selfie

Nigga gone mad

Because bicycles are not for riding but for taking weird selfies.nigga mad selfie


Why should humans have all the fun?

Why should animals stay behind?

animal selfie

The perfect timing : Part 3

This is actually brilliant. A human looking dog. Um yeahh.

crazy selfie

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