4 Irritating Things You Can Relate With Your Real Life!

Our life is full of happenings, some are good some are bad. Some are full of tension and some are full of excitement. We used to take a few activities very seriously and make our mind totally burdened for them. These things are not as tensed as we make them.

There are few things that you must have experienced or experiencing in your life. While experiencing them you may not find them as weird or funny, but while reading this article you will surely find that you just overact on few things.

  1. When power goes off and your phone’s battery is dying.

battery low irritation

Who is not aware of this feeling especially the young generation who is so busy in texting all the time, using facebook, twitter, whatsapp and all other applications and taking them as their life.

While using them if the power gets off and phone’s battery is getting down then the person thinks that he is also dying with the battery. How funny…

  1. When you don’t get enough likes on your dp.

no facebook liks

This 21st century generation has made facebook activities like the likes and comments on their posts a major tension of their life. When a girl/boy upload his profile picture and don’t get enough likes on the picture then he/she start thinking my life is over as no one likes me. Hilarious!

  1. When your parents ask you to make them use facebook.

shocked by mom

21st century girls and boys are well aware of this fact. Parents don’t have enough knowledge about the use of these new applications being introduced on social media. As facebook became a trend and parents also desire to use it.

When your parents ask you to make an id for them, you make it a tension and start saying that why your parents don’t do this themselves. As you are so busy in your own life handling so many messages on social media.

  1. When your mother/father turns off the fan of the room you are sleeping in.

sleeping irritation

When you are so busy in sleeping till late in the morning or even till afternoon and the fan of your gets off, you get very angry and start throwing things in anger. As you think you didn’t sleep properly. Then start sleeping earlier. 😀


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