4 Worst Dressed Celebrities At LUX Style Awards

14th LUX style awards ceremony was arranged in Karachi. This ceremony was much in talks before it took place. Almost all of the industry people were the part of this event, either they are the part of film industry, modeling, drama industry or singing.

This event was full of the sizzling celebrities. Some of the celebrities were looking superb in their stylish dresses but there were some celebrities who were dressed so worse that their look made them the part of discussion. Unfortunately they were in discussion because of their bad dressing sense.

Momal Sheikh.

momal sheikh dressing in lux style award

Momal sheikh who is the daughter of the legendary actor Javed Sheikh was found wearing a black dress. she recently became the mother of a cute baby, during her pregnancy she has gained a lot of weight and she is still working to reduce it.

I think she should have kept this fact in mind that such kind of dress is not going to suit her body till she gets smart, but unfortunately this fact wasn’t kept in mind.

What you guys says about her dressing?

Waqar Zaka.

waqar zaka joker in lux style award 2015

The personality from Pakistan the host of a very famous daring show on ARY, was found wearing a dress like a joker. Everyone was shocked to see waqar zaka wearing such a dress that made him look so funny. You people must have a look on it.

There is no need to speak about it, his dressing speaks itself.

Nadia Hussain.nadia hassan dressing in lux style award 2015


A very famous model of Pakistan, who used to be a show stopper of most of the fashion shows was seen wearing a very strange kind of dress in orange color. She is quite aged and having a lot of surgeries, this dress was not going with her personality.

It was not expected from a very successful model to dress up like this on such a big night.


drama queen meera in lux award

The drama queen Meera who used to call herself the best of all. The woman who always like to be in news was seen wearing such a dress that will really make her the part of news. Being such a big personality, this dress didn’t suit her.

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