5 Reasons Why Lahore Can Never Compete Karachi!

With the vast population of approximately 20 million Karachi is known as the city of lights. It has diverse cultures and people with a brilliant mind and limitless languages and yes, it’s the largest city of Pakistan. From villages to the sea it has its own heritage and beauty.

Karachi is the city which never sleeps and is far different than Lahore. Not only this, it has also become the most revenue generating city of the country, despite the fact that many people called it the dangerous city.

Here we have the 5 awesome reasons that why Lahore can never become Karachi.

1.Karachi has more diversity than Lahore

If you visit Karachi you will find the people with different accent or will be speaking Urdu, Punjabi or other language but the fact is they have come from same cultures and regions, so Karachi has more diversity in the sense that you can find people from various cultures there. In one shop  you can see a person talking Seraiki and at another restaurant you can find a person talking in Hindko.

karachi multiculture

2.The wonderful Sea side

The one biggest benefit to live in Karachi is to enjoy the weather at the sea side which you can’t even think at Lahore. We know that Lahore has its own beauty and it’s the city of art and culture but Karachi has something different for every person. You can walk long the sea and feel the lovely cool breeze by riding horse and camel.

karachi sea

3.The yummiest cuisine

If you are a food locer and want dishes of all tastes Karachi is the best place for this. You can find each type of food which can fulful your taste need. You can have best kebabs,food like naan Haleem, awesome Hyderabadi achar and other different desi foods. You can also have the best foods at thelas and dhabbas for all spicy and namkeen dishes.

Karachi Food

4.Urbanist city

The Karachi is not the limited city of Pakistan like other cities, Lahore is more insular than Karachi. If you visit Karachi you can see more women drivers as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Many people have come from different rural and backward areas to Karachi but they have already adjusted there because of more facilities and urban societies.

Moreover, Karachi is full of entertainment,  the people there are very kind hearted and they tend to enjoy their life by going on outings at late night because they know that despite the shocking violence the life must go on.

Karachi Life

5.People are adaptable

In Karachi, people are very adaptable and are always ready to cope up with emergencies. They can survive in all situations and enjoy life with their best. There are different shops, restaurants, hotels and malls in Karachi which increase interest of Karachians.

Karachi People

No one can demolish the courage of Karachi’s people after the massive operations and violence people are still lively. So residents of Karachi are always alert and prepared for every sitution. Well Sthis is the love of people which show their adaptability level.



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