5 Things Women Should Do To Get Healthy Hair

Women are always liked by their Healthy Hair. Hair can impact the personality of a woman a lot. Very few women in this world does have a long and healthy hair. On the other hand, many are living a life of disappointment because of not having good hair. This article will make you know about those things that differentiates the women of long and healthy hair from rest of the women.

1. Sleeping on a cotton coated polyester pillowcase.

Doctors always recommend the women to sleep on cotton case polyester based pillowcase always. If the medical research is believed then it is said that the pillow that is made only of cotton absorbs the moisture not only from the face but from the hair too.

Doctors recommend the use of polyester based cotton pillow used because it will not make your hair rough as you won’t sweat that much as on other pillows.

women healthy hair

2. Must Use natural nut oils to make them healthy and strong.

Women always wonder to see those women with healthy hair that how they have such beautiful hair. The reason behind this is their use of natural nut oils as they make the inside of their hair stronger,  like coconut oil and almond oil.

Doctors recommend to use these nut oils as a conditioner. Doctors suggest to put the oil on head for 15 minutes and wash the head later and it will affect your hair in a very positive manner and you will surely find a silky touch on them.

nut oil for hair

3. Don’t shampoo your healthy hair every day.

The women with thick hair never shampoo their hair on daily basis. If the medical studies are believed then shampooing everyday makes your hair weaker and weaker. Doctors recommend to shampoo your hair after a gap of at least 4 days.

Some women oil their hair due to which their hair look very greasy, in this case they should not shampoo their hair daily rather they should only wash them and should shampoo them after two days.

long healthy hair

4. Don’t take frequent haircuts.

Good news is that studies recommend not to have a regular or weekly haircut. In fact it is sufficient to have a haircut once in 3 or 4 months. Your hair grows about a quarter in one month so keep in mind that it needs a trim after 2 months.

women healthy haircut

5. Don’t forget to brush your hair properly.

Most of the women take comb and start combing from the upper level till the bottom. It is sufficient to use a hair brush and to use it from the bottom to the above hair. If you brush your hair from the top to straight down then it can split the ends of your hair very badly.

brush your hair properly

These 5 things are always done by the women having healthy hair. As all of you who are women want to have strong hair must do these 5 things because this is the only way to have good hair on which you can proud.

Don’t forget to do these things 🙂

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