6 Easy Anxiety Home Made Remedies You Should Try

Anxiety is the vague, uneasy feeling you get when you’re dreading something. Anxiety can also be a permanent state of nervousness that some people with mental illnesses experience, a kind of milder version of panic. There are plenty of straight methods for anxiety, but it’s far better when you remove the reason of stress by yourself… Try the Anxiety Home Made Remedies.

Many simple ways are there at your home to deal with anxiety, so there is a good option to face this problem in a more fun way. Here are 6 easy anxiety home made remedies. Have a look!

1. Anxiety Home Made Remedies – Almond

The first option is almond, as we all know that anxiety deals with worries and tensions so firstly try to relax your mind with full effort by consuming almonds. All you have to do is to soak almonds in warm water for the whole night to make them softer. Peel their skins and blend them with one cup of milk properly.

Also add a little ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. Consume this mixture at night before going to sleep as it will definitely relax your mind and mood by enhancing sleep.

Anxiety Home Made Remedies

2. A Cup Of Tea

Tea has been used since 1980’s to lower down the anxiety levels. To calm down the nerves, a cup of chamomile tea is beneficial that will give you anxiolytic effects. The substitute is green tea as it is similar to chamomile tea and very popular among the Japanese Buddhists to meditate for long periods of time.

The other benefit of a green tea is that it lowers the blood pressure by calm down your heart.

chamomile tea for anxiety

3. Exercise Daily

Be honest to your mind and body as both demands physical movement daily. Are you in the routine to exercise daily? If not, then try to exercise daily to calm down and reduce the stress levels. Many researchers at Princeton University discovered that exercise makes new neurons and shut them down when not needed.

When you feel anxiety, your brain cells begin to fire at the same time, so to relax these cells, exercise is necessary to fasten the brain activities and to feel peace.

exercise for anxiety

4. Meditate Or Yogic Breathing

Try to make a habit to meditate or breathing in a yoga style in a calm environment. This sort of breathing is popular and considered useful against stress, insomnia, food cravings or unhealthy emotions like anger or sadness.

To do this yoga, inhale through your nose, taking it slowly and then exhale through your mouth. You can make it your morning ritual or by doing several times a day whenever you are feeling anxiety.

yoga breathing for anxiety

5. Take A Warm And Relaxing Bath

A warm bath is somehow the best and most relaxing way to end up your day by removing all tensions and anxiety. This is because by taking a bath with warm water, heat loosens all the tensions in the muscles and that warm sensation may change the neuronic circuits.

After this, your mood and body will give you a joyful and calm environment.

warm bath for anxiety

6. Go Somewhere Silent

It’s not compulsory to find the vacant place to sit silently far away from your place, rather find a quiet corner in your home and sit there. There should not any  distractions like your phone or any music so call this place your relaxation spot.

Other than this, try to read some books, cover your windows with curtains or lie down in your bed by switching off your room’s light. There, you will feel so comfortable by spacing out from all the worries. Moreover, extra sleep will also calm you down!

remedies for anxiety

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