7 Funny Things That Only happen During Load Shedding

When there is a word Load Shedding then one country comes into mind that is Pakistan. The people living in the other countries may not be aware of the happenings during load shedding. This article will make you know about some of the strange happenings that shows the uniqueness of Pakistan.

1. New Clock

In the world, the clock is used in which numbers are written as 1, 2 and 3. But Pakistanis create their own clocks in which hours are specified as light ayi (light on), light gai (light off).

load shedding clock

2. Candle Light Dinner

In the whole world, candle light dinners are conducted to show the love to some special person. Pakistan is the only country in which candle light dinner takes place on daily basis and with the whole family most of the times.

funny things during load shedding

3. An Eye Is Kept On Others

When the power goes off, then all the family members look into the eyes of others to see which of them is going to switch on the button of UPS or the candle.

load shedding in pakistan

4. Confusion on Eid

Eid is a holy occasion celebrated in the country every year. On this occasion government announces not to off the power for three days. In this case the citizens get confused that they should become more happy on the arrival of eid or for the good news of “no load shedding”.

no load shedding on eid

5. New Inventions For Load Shedding

During the summer when there is no light then people come up with some new inventions known to be as “manual fan”. This fan only works when a human makes it work and every family member is seen with his own small fan.

fan for load shedding

6. Candles Get Fame

Candles are usually purchased for any happy occasion like celebration of birthdays etc, but in Pakistan this thing get a certain popularity whenever the load shedding takes place.

candle for load shedding

7. 3G Really Helps

You must be well aware of all these things if you live in Pakistan. Pakistani people used to face this load shedding either it is of electricity throughout the year or of gas in the winter season. When load shedding takes place then people find nothing to do especially if the internet connection is not connected with the UPS or generator. The 3G and 4G services introduced by many tele communication companies have really helped a lot in this regard. It made people able to use internet even in the absence of light and even while being out of home.

load shedding problems

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